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Z-6200C Shockproof Guard Tour Patrol System

Read Method: Automatic sensors and Non-touch reading of RFID tag.
Physical: Metal structure, waterproof, durable, resistant to high and low temperatures
Direction: LED flash and vibration.
Card-reading Technology: Switzerland EM induction card-reading technology.
Storage Capacity: 80,000 pcs
Impact record function : Record impact logs up to 32,000 pcs
Date Safety: Data can be stored for 30 years without power.
High speed download: No need to install USD driver, faster and more stable communication speed .
Battery : Interchangeable lithium battery Communication: Pogo pin or Mini USB contacts

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Guard Tour Patrol Check Point (RFID)

EM 125 KHz Tag (Security Guard Tour Patrol Check Point)
Durable & waterproof
Resistant to high temperature, chemical environments
Ok to work in harsh environment

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